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Dan-Q Seasoning was borne out of our company vision to touch the lives of people by providing their basic needs. It is a high-quality product made from a rich selection of spices and other raw materials blended to perfection and laced with love to ensure tasty meals each time, every time.

At a very basic level, food sustains life, good, tasty and well-made meals on the other hand not only promote good health, and it is a statement of love and the glue that brings families, friends and communities together.

Whoever you are and whatever your choice of meals, Dan-Q seasoning, currently available in chicken and beef variants gives you the added umph that enhances the taste profile, aroma and the look of your favourite meals!

  • Dan-Q chicken gives your food the taste of real chicken and is a blend of premium Chicken flavour extract, curry spice, iodized salt and other ingredients to create a unique flavour profile that is at par with other top-seasoning products available today. It is fortified with Riboflavin Vitamin B2.
  • Dan-Q (Beef) offers a ready stock base for all your meals. It is a suitable seasoning component for steaks, boiled and braised beef, mutton, in stews, soups. It is best for boiling meats. It is an expertly blended mix of spices to ensure that every meal is an expression of love and a statement of your cooking prowess.

More exciting flavour variants coming soon!


Chicken flavour extract, curry spice, Iodized Salt


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